Bespoke and white label software development

Gloucester Software has an experienced team of developers who can design and customise software to suit your specific needs.

Our Fleet Management, Plant Management and Messaging systems can provided as "white label", with their appearance tailored to match your business branding. We are often able to factilitate compatibility with other software packages.

Fleet Management

Our full vehicle tracking system covering every aspect of performance monitoring.

Monitor employee performance

Manage employee behaviour and productivity. The system provides an accurate reflection of your employee's activity whilst they are away from your offices. This frequently results in dramatically reduced overtime costs and increased efficiency.

Help your driver stay safe

Know the exact location of your vehicle and driver at all times. Easily and quickly locate them in the event of breakdown or emergency.

Improve customer service and relations

Boost customer confidence in your business, with an investment in modern technology designed to continually monitor and protect their interests. Give customers peace of mind with accurate arrival times.

Know where your vehicles are

Instantly locate vehicles on street level maps. This real time information is vital for deciding which resource is best placed to complete an unscheduled delivery or stop.

Cut your fuel costs

Reduce your fuel consumption. Eliminate unnecessary route deviation, unauthorised mileage, poor driving, speeding, excessive idling and unauthorised stops.

Enhance vehicle security

Receive an alert to your mobile phone or pager within seconds of a vehicle being stolen. Discreetly installed locator units can assist in tracking and locating missing vehicles.

Accurately monitor working hours

Fully utilise your staff in compliance with applicable legislation. Identify 'lost' hours i.e. hours you pay for, but do not use.

Cut overtime costs

Gain better control of overtime and expense claims. FleetObserver time sheet reports can result in a reduction of claims, e.g. for overnight stays.

Stay on top of vehicle maintenance

Accurately schedule vehicle servicing, maintenance and any other scheduled event. The mileage of each vehicle within your fleet can be continuously monitored, helping you keep your fleet in optimum running condition.

Plant Management

Our specialist plant tracking system provides all the tools you need to manage your equipment and keep it secure. As well as real-time tracking, the system includes numerous security features.

Track and trace

Locate vehicles at the click of a button, in real time, down to street level.

Immobilise remotely

Immobilise your asset on a schedule, or manually from your PC or mobile phone app. If it moves when it is not supposed to, you will be notified via SMS or email.

Receive tow-away alerts

Receive instant notification if an asset is moved unexpectedly. The hardware we use has a 'movement sensor'. If the asset is stolen you can locate it at the click of a button.

Put up a virtual fence (Geo-fencing)

Define a geo-fence virtual perimeter around a chosen location (e.g. office, home, customer site or secure area) and be alerted when it is crossed.

Generate reports

Keep track, with a selection of reports, including:

  • Update Report: Reports on an asset's location, at two minute intervals.
  • Hours Used Report: Shows the amount of time the asset has been used for, in a given time period.
  • Immobiliser Report: Shows when the immobiliser command has been sent.
  • Service Hours Report: Shows total running hours, hours between services and service hours left (you can be notified when the asset requires servicing).


We offer a variety of messaging solutions to keep you in touch and up-to- date with your employees, while they are out delivering your business services to your customers.

Garmin NĂ¼vi units

These are windscreen / dashboard mounted units that, in addition to providing GPS navigation, will enable your business to:

  • Track driver ID logon.
  • Send job information to your employees, along with location information.
  • Receive estimated arrival times.
  • Receive status updates from employees (arrival, departure, rest break, etc.).
  • Send / receive free text messages to / from your employees.

PDA units

These are handheld units. We currently offer two types: one powered by Windows Mobile; the other powered by Android. In addition to providing GPS navigation (using CoPilot), they will enable your business to:

  • Send a list of jobs to employees.
  • Design forms as per your specific business needs.
  • Send custom designed forms to employee's devices for on-the- job completion.
  • Capture signatures (e.g. for delivery acknowledgement).
  • Remotely receive job information from units in a format ready for import into your company database.
  • Print forms saved on the unit.
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